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Cisco Smart Net Overview

Smart Net is Cisco's extended warranty, it enables you to download updates and upgrades for your covered equipment. Options are available to replace failed hardware, normally next business day, but a 2 hours service is also offered.

Smart Net is Manufacturers Hardware and Software support for your Cisco products.
Provided directly by Cisco, it entitles you to software support and upgrades and hardware replacement within an agreed timeframe.

With a Smart Net contract, you are entitled to extended access to tools and information on the Cisco Website. This resource can provide answers to support you and your staff without expensive training courses or books and manuals.

With a Smart Net contract, you are entitled to talk to Cisco experts at the TAC (Technical Assistance Centre) They will assist you in getting the most from your Cisco equipment.

With a Smart Net contract, you are entitled to download and legally install upgrades to the operating system of your Cisco devices. You can obtain advice and guidance in doing this from the TAC.

With a Smart Net contract, Cisco will send you replacement hardware, with or without an engineer, should your Cisco hardware fail. This can be within a 2 (two) hour timeframe if your network is important to your business.

We feel that buying SMARTnet is not as simple as it should be, so have created a friendly SMARTnet Calculator to help you choose. Try it here to get instant online SMARTnet prices.

Cisco Smart Net Calculator

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